GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Obb for Android

Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk, this is extremely compressed APK Obb version 2.0, runs on all Android devices GPU’s superbly.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android is another part of the historical franchise on mobile platforms. This chapter of the series is a state-of-the-art game made by Rockstar.

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Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk

gta san andreas mod apk

Around half a decade ago, Carl Johnson ran away from the oppressive living conditions in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city wracked by gang troubles, drugs, and corruption. Here everyone, including film stars & millionaires try their best to not come in contact with the drug dealers and gangsters.

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In the early ’90s, Carl went home. His mother has been killed, his family has broken apart and all of his old friends are drifting down the wrong path.

When he came back to his neighborhood, a few corrupt Police officers falsely charge him for murder. CJ is compelled to go on a trip that is going to take him all across the complete state of San Andreas, to rescue his family and to take command of the streets.

Back to the streets of Los Santos

Rockstar Games gives its greatest release to mobile ever; with the massive open-world encompassing the state of San Andreas and its three prominent cities – Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas –  with enriched visual realism and more than 70 hours of gameplay.

 Carl Johnson, the protagonist, returned to his hometown, Los Santos, where he was around half a decade ago. Now longing for his homeland, Carl thinks of the past, that was packed with criminal encounters and every illegal thing.

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GTA San Andreas MOD

The creators of the GTA San Andreas Mod Apk left the successful fragments of predecessors’ games as well as added several new features to the new one.

Grand Theft Auto IIIGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod is a role-playing game. It has an abundant and amusing game task system.  Here players can play basketball, do shopping, make friends, and can even become a doctor, a firefighter, etc. At the same time, inside the game, players can acquire vehicles such as motorcycles, aircraft, tanks, and many more.

There are also options of different weapons for battle. Lastly in the game, you have to consume food to gain energy to keep yourself alive. So without further ado, let’s begin the exploration.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the most revered action-adventure games among all gamers. Firstly, GTA was released for PC and Windows users. But presently, you can play it on every platform.

Free World Gaming Experience

You can download the Android full version APK + OBB from here. Download from direct, fast, and free like install and have fun.

This game offers you the liberty to scout the vast virtual world as it comes under the open-world genre. There are missions that you can play as your heart desires like in real life. Whether you play basketball or shop and modify CJ.

If you want to be a firefighter, doctor, policeman, taxi driver, etc; you can be anyone, even a real gangster, steal vehicles and kill people; grab some weapons, buy real estate and save your progress. So what’s holding you back? Download GTA San Andreas MOD APK now.

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GTA San Andreas Graphics MODs

GTA gives you complete autonomy over your world. Play throughout San Andreas as cities are divided into 3 large cities and little villages. With the use of cheats, the level of amusement multiplies and gives a tremendous episode. For cheats, go to the cheats page. There are 2 modes from which you can choose and play are:-

  1. Freeride means do anything you like.
  2. Look for missions on the map and execute the missions. New missions will appear as you finish old ones.

GTA San Andreas APK Features

Customized cars for taking them on long drives. You can’t get bored playing GTA. The three main cities in which you can play:-

  1. Los Santos (Based on Los Angeles)
  2. San Fierro (Based on San Francisco)
  3. Las Venturas (Based on Las Vegas)

Download now GTA San Andreas APK for Android and begin your journey.

GTA San Andreas APK Features

Rockstar has refined and included a bunch of exceptional features in GTA San Andreas APK that every GTA admirer has been waiting for, here is a limited first of the terrific recently added features and items in the game.

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  • Different mini-games are made accessible to play in the game.
  • Basketball, pool, and many more timeless arcades like in the olden days.
  • For quick and easy money, there are Casino games, where players can gamble and win money.
  • With a completely unfamiliar vehicle controls system that comes with bicycles.
  • An exciting new array of vehicles system with harvesting vehicles, ATVs, jets, and tow-trucks have been introduced to the game.
  • With different new skills and abilities included in the game makes CJ do many things which we all have been waiting for like swimming underwater, climbing walls, and jumping over fences.

Install GTA San Andreas Mod Apk

  • Not only weapons but they are also accompanied by the new weapon shooting system in the new GTA San Andreas APK
  • State-of-the-art modern weapons like homing missiles can be used by CJ to wreak havoc on his enemies.
  • The Health System has been enhanced not like the previous GTA games. Now you need to make sure that CJ consumes sufficient food to survive and exercises every once in a while to stay fit. Otherwise, he will lose weight and become thin and flimsy but don’t feed him more than he needs, or else he will throw up.

  • Car Customization Garages for automobiles lives to choose from unlimited customization options to customize their rides.
  • Clothes shops to buy apparel and ornaments for different occasions and suit up in the best dresses.
  • Barbershops to try new hairstyles and look different.
  • Gyms are also added so that players can work out and get buffed.
  • In-Game AI, also been fine-tuned a lot, note that NPCs are way more cunning and act differently in different scenarios. We can even converse with them.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK + OBB

San Andreas Apk

How to Install GTA San Andreas Mod Apk for Android:

  1. Download Apk Obb for the game using the above button.
  2. Extract the zip file using ZArchiever App.
  3. Install the APk file.
  4. Move the Obb Folder to “Android>Obb”
  5. Similarly, move the Data folder to “Android>Data”
  6. Open & Enjoy the brand new San Andreas Mod Game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas acquires its gameplay from its forerunners in particular GTA: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto III. In brief, the gameplay consists of elements across several games like role-playing, third-person shooter, racing, etc. Simultaneously, the game’s borderless world has many cool new things to offer so you don’t get bored easily.

Generally, to unlock new stories you have to first complete the game’s missions. Not only that but too vast new that the game’s mission requires, meeting other characters, getting open contacts, stealing cars, murdering people, and all kinds of activities that usually a gangster does. And if you are not into these kinds of stuff, then simply don’t; it’s completely fine.

Gameplay Preview / Download Instructions 

It’s your world and you can do whatever you want within it. Some of us often spend most of the time walking around the city, (meanwhile, we couldn’t do the same in real life due to the pandemic and quarantine stuff).

This is just the beginning of your fun and adventurous life of stealing cars, going for sights, attacking, or even teasing law enforcement.

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There are going to be gang wars with lots of weapons on the streets. So you better watch out, as you cause harm to others and create a ruckus, the law enforcement agencies like Police will appear first. And if you don’t put a check on your actions then your wanted level will increase, the FBI & SWAT task forces will intervene. Trust me you don’t want them on your tail. Apart from this you can also break in properties and take over them to make a lot of cash in this game.

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