Top 5 Android Games of 2021 | (Online+Offline)

Top 5 Android Games of 2021: 2021 might not have seen many releases of new generation games. Just like everything, Gaming Industry was also affected by the pandemic. So we curated some of the top-notch Android Games of 2021.
Android Games of 2021

Top Android Games of 2021

It’s hard to look back at the last 12 months and not be satisfied with the gaming industry’s output. But still, as compared to previous years this has been a great year for mobile games and with a number of excellent games spread out across genres and platforms, there’s been a little something for everyone to dive into and fall in love with. Although there are lots of new games lined up for 2022 in store.
But let’s look at some of the top 5 mobile games of 2021.

5.) Rush Rally Origins 2021

Rush Rally Origins

This is a racing mix with top-down 3d graphics and extreme physics simulation games. We have a total of 36 levels with races around the world along with simulations of various times a day and the extreme weather conditions of the rounds. We have to drive our powerful racing car through difficult roads overtake our opponents and reach the finish line in time.
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This game will let you drive on many different surfaces like dirt roads, muddy roads, asphalt roads, snowy roads,s or even in rainy conditions. Since dragging wheels sledding hard to steer gliding like arrows are all available in this incredibly special top-down racing game.

4.) Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution is an action game that challenges you to enter a bunch of different settings and live exciting combats against multiple futuristic characters. Each of these fighters includes different features and special abilities that let you knock out your enemies without a doubt.
This Android Games of 2021 has the graphics and visuals developed from the metal revolution are very advanced. We also have game modes that you can use before entering each combat the most interesting one is the multiplayer mode where you get to face players from all over the world in real-time another key aspect of the metal revolution is that you can unlock new characters and settings to entice you to keep on advancing two different levels.

3.) Hyper Front

Hyper Front is an fps where you can enter amazing environments full of enemies that you must try to defeat through a 5v5 game mode You along with your team players will try and destroy each enemy so you’ll be able to unlock dozens of weapons and special skills to make yourself a lot stronger it has powerful 3d visuals designed with the UE4 motor that will fully immerse you in the action the first camera perspective will increase realism.
You can freely travel around each area of the map and once you’ve chosen your character’s features. Also, You’ll be paired with other teammates and after this, your main goal will be to explore every corner of the map with bravery and caution to spot your enemies and kill them.

2.) MARVEL Future Revolution

Marvel future revolution, one of the best Android Games of 2021 is an open-world game the result is an action-packed title where you’ll be able to move through huge settings with total freedom alongside other players you’ll be able to play both with friends and with other random players it’s these special abilities that make marvel future revolutions. Full 3D, a realistic graphic style created using Unreal Engine.
Complete with cinematic cutscenes & fluid combat. This game has endless high-quality costumes that have never been seen in any Marvel IP game. You can match different costume parts inspired by decades of Marvel comics and films as well as exclusive original themes.

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Each character in the game has completely different abilities from the others with Captain America. For Example, you’ll play differently than with star-lord or spider-man you’ll need to master your best skills in order to emerge victorious from the most challenging confrontations. Either way that’s it for today and for the new year if you guys enjoyed

1.) PUBG: New State 2021
PUBG New State is a kind of sequel to PUBG mobile, (which was banned by the Indian Government over privacy concerns). It was one of the most iconic Battle Royals in the video game industry and a true benchmark in mobile gaming the game promises to remain faithful to the spirit of the original while offering a new setting and more game modes.
It’ll be a full-fledged sequel the first change you’ll notice in PUBG new state is its setting the game transports you to the near future specifically to the year 2051 with a world on the verge of collapse in which different factions must fight for resources this new backdrop is not only important for the narrative but will also affect you directly on the battlefield

One more sports game that has all the attention is eFootball PES 2022 Mobile. The game has lots of expectations from KONAMI. Here is all the information we have for the eFootball 2022 Mobile Release Date
Here are some of the Bonus Android Games which you can enjoy by the side.

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